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Happy 10th birthday NASA Earth Observatory 30 April 2009

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Happy 10th birthday to the NASA Earth Observatory, which has been bringing us wonderful images of the Earth from space since 29 April 1999. Congratulations and many happy returns to the Earth Observatory and to all the hard-working people behind the scenes who have made it such a marvellous web resource for the last decade.

The voting for the ten favourite images of the day from the last ten years is now complete, and the winners are available for viewing here: Top 10 Images of the Day. Not a volcano among them, sadly, so to make up for that here’s a favourite of mine:

Chaitén volcano erupting, 19 January 2009 (NASA Aster/Terra image)
Chaitén volcano erupting, 19 January 2009. Captured by the ASTER equipment on NASA’s Terra satellite. Featured at the NASA Earth Observatory 22 January 2009.

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1. Ron de Haan - 30 April 2009

I love the sat picture collection but I detest their AGW/Climate Change propaganda which I receive via RSS.

Somehow the NASA organization is infiltrated by people who push for climate alarmism and their semi-scientific publications are a blody shame.

The reputation of NASA as a leading science organization has reached rock bottom and it will take years to restore all the damage caused by these people.

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