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The Daily Volcano Quote: prospects for geothermal energy, 1928 28 April 2009

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The huge reservoir of volcanic energy represented by the heat of rocks and gases could undoubtedly be tapped in many places and used for power production … I believe that in time to come the greatest of all sources of power will be found in the subterranean storehouses of volcanic regions, where the internal heat of the earth can be reached at a relatively shallow level. The limited supplies of coal and oil in the earth will be exhausted in the comparatively near future. The waterpower available in rivers is already to a large extent taken up. Water-power from the tides will probably prove costly to utilize, and the same is likely to be true of any method now in sight of using direct solar energy … On the other hand, no insurmountable obstacles seem to exist to tapping the earth’s internal heat on a vast scale, and volcanology is paving the way to this accomplishment.

Dr Immanuel Friedlander, quoted in Science News-Letter, 14 January 1928, p. 23.

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1. johnio78 - 1 May 2009

The Ring of Fire is a good example of geothermal energy that has not been used. Unfortunately the Obvious is often over looked


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