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Shiveluch activity continues 28 April 2009

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Plume from Shiveluch volcano, 26 April 2009 (NASA MODIS/Terra image)

Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka is continuing to erupt, producing a 7-kilometre ash plume according to this interestingly-phrased report from Russia Info-Centre. The latest bulletin from KVERT (issued 04:25 UTC today) reports ash plumes extending 250 kilometres NE of the volcano and reaching 5 kilometres altitude, and seismicity consisting of weak volcanic tremor and occasional shallow earthquakes. Ash explosions to above 10 kilometres, warns KVERT, could occur at any time.

The image above is from the NASA Earth Observatory, and shows the plume from Shiveluch on 26 April 2009, blowing SE towards the Bering Sea. This is a MODIS image from NASA’s Terra satellite.

A Russian-language report today from RIA-Novosti, which does not appear to be available in English, says that a new 30-metre-deep fissure has formed on the Molody Shiveluch (‘Young Shiveluch’) lava dome which is the focus of the current activity. The report quotes Alexei Ozerov of the Institute of Volcanology: ‘This fissure was formed over the last two days, and crosses the body of the volcanic dome in a south-easterly direction. It is continuously producing hot debris avalanches’. One pyroclastic flow may have destroyed a road and bridge on the Bekesh river, although the precise location is unclear. The report also notes that Koryaksky and Kliuchevskoi volcanoes in Kamchatka are also currently active, and that there is increased seismic activity at Gorely, which last erupted in 1986. This level of activity, however, is nothing unusual for Kamchatka.

This Shiveluch webcam enables you to peer through the trees at the volcano.

Thanks to AS for her translations from the Russian.

Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch emissed a 7-km column of ash – Russia-InfoCentre, 27 April 2009
Купол вулкана Шивелуч на Камчатке прорезала глубокая расщелина – RIA Novosti, 28 April 2009

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