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Llaima update (bulletin of 24 April 2009) 28 April 2009

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SERNAGEOMIN have published a short update on activity at Llaima, dated 24 April 2009, on their website. Translation as follows.

24.04.2009 SERNAGEOMIN report on Llaima volcano

From 07:35 today, 24 April, an emission centre located on the eastern flank some 700m below the summit commenced an emission of gases which formed a column 500m in height and an associated plume which dispersed towards the east in accordance with prevailing wind conditions.

This activity continued until approximately 09:00. The emission of water vapour that accompanied the eruption of ash shows that the emission centre is located beneath the eastern glacier.

The area coincides with the sector which produced some explosions on the eastern flank during the first three months of 2008.

Llaima, 24 April 2009 (image courtesy POVI, Werner Keller)
[Caption reads: Clearly visible is the emission of ash at 07:35 at about 700m below the summit on the eastern flank, which was much diminished by 10:00 (image POVI Werner Keller).]

There was no seismic precursory activity, seismicity remaining to date (24 April at 10:30) at a usual level, characterized by LP-type earthquakes [long period], reaching up to 20 earthquakes per hour.

In the same way, the RSAM seismic energy remains stable, with values varying between 16 and 25 units over the last 24 hours.

SERNAGEOMIN continues with permanent seismic and visual monitoring of the volcano, also evaluating the developing [eruptive] processes, and maintains Yellow Alert.

[End of SERNAGEOMIN bulletin.]

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