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Reventador: increased activity 24 April 2009

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Reventador, 23 April 2009 (R. Grijalva - SOTE)

Ecuador’s Reventador volcano is showing a significant increase in activity, according to reports in the Ecuadorian press, quoting the country’s Instituto Geofísico. According to the news site Confirmado.net, the seismic signals have included ‘spasmodic and harmonic bands of tremor’ interspersed with long period earthquakes.

UPDATE: A special bulletin from the Instituto Geofísico (PDF) reports the significant activity which occurred at Reventador during 23 April 2009.

  • Gradual but steady increase in seismicity, with spasmodic and harmonic bands of tremor showing periods of high and low activity, interspersed with long period events.
  • Column of water vapour reaching an estimated 2-3 km altitude, with low ash content: satellite imagery indicated that the plume extended approximately 26 km WSW.
  • Persistent thermal anomaly detected on the volcano, increasing in intensity during periods of increased tremor.
  • Loud noises reported from the volcano.
  • No reports of ashfall.

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