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A look at Vesuvius: closely-watched volcano 22 April 2009

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Naples and Vesuvius, August 2003

Under the headline ‘the world’s most closely watched volcano’, AFP have published an interesting article, with pictures, about the monitoring of Vesuvius.

The article describes how sensors continuously watch various aspects of the volcano’s activity, and that information is passed to the Vesuvius Observatory in Naples (the world’s oldest volcanological observatory), where it is constantly monitored and assessed. If a major eruption appears to be in prospect, the current emergency plan calls for 600,000 people from the 18 towns and cities within the 15-kilometre-radius ‘red zone’ around Vesuvius to be evacuated.

This would take about two weeks.

Vesuvius, the world’s most closely watched volcano – AFP, 22 April 2009

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1. Bruce Stout - 22 April 2009

two weeks..


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