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Redoubt update, 21 April 2009 21 April 2009

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Crater of Redoubt volcano, 16 April 2009 (photographer Game McGimsey, image courtesy AVO/USGS)
Crater of Redoubt Volcano, showing the lava dome, 16 April 2009 (photographer Game McGimsey, image courtesy AVO/USGS). [source]

Redoubt is still at Orange/Watch. The Alaska Volcano Observatory notes that seismicity remains elevated, and that a plume of water vapour and gas is moving to the south-west. A gas measurement flight was carried out yesterday and the AVO reports that ‘scientists observed little to no evidence of significant lava dome growth since the last observations 4 days ago’.

FLIR image of Redoubt summit showing thermal signature of the lava dome (Rick Wessels/Jonathan Dehn, courtesy AVO/USGS and AVO/UAF-GI)
FLIR image taken by Rick Wessels (USGS) draped on top of a Google Earth representation of Redoubt from April 16 2009. The lava dome is seen at the summit, warmer colors indicate higher temperatures. The location of helicopter is on the left at about 2.25 km from the dome. The dome temperatures recorded today were about 420°C, which match well to derived temperatures from thermal satellite imagery. Extrusion rates were estimated for this image and a NOAA satellite image 30 minutes later to be about 0.8 m^3/s. [source]

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