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Saturday Volcano Art: Lassen Volcanic National Park poster (1938) 18 April 2009

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Lassen Volcanic National Park poster (1938)

No time for a detailed ‘Saturday Volcano Art’ essay this week, just this elegant 1938 poster advertising the Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.

The poster is in the art-deco-influenced style typical of its era, a style which – with its simplified forms and bold areas of flat colour – was particularly suitable for poster art. The poster is also notable for its unusual choice of colours, its high-minded promotion of ‘lectures’ among the attractions on offer, and its implication that anyone going to visit Lassen Peak in 1938 had a good chance of seeing it erupt, or at least produce an attractive eruption plume.

The most recent eruptive activity at Lassen Peak was in 1914-17, with the most dramatic and destructive single event being the explosive eruption of 22 May 1915, which produced a 10000 metre plume and devastated an extensive area north-east of the volcano with pyroclastic flows and lahars.

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