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Chaitén dome and pinnacle from the north-west 8 April 2009

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A little while ago we published some beautiful pictures of Chaitén’s lava dome and pinnacle, viewed from Chaitén town, taken by Nicolas La Penna of Chaitur.com on 17 March this year. Nicolas has very kindly sent in two more pictures which are of particular interest because they show the northern side of the volcano, which is an aspect we see far less often than the southern side that faces the town.

Chaiten Volcano 16 March 2009 (photo Nicolas La Penna Chaitur.com)

Chaiten Volcano 16 March 2009 (photo Nicolas La Penna Chaitur.com)

The pictures were taken on 16 March 2009 from a position north-west of the lava dome. The sheer wall of the pinnacle, wreathed in steam, is very evident in these pictures.

Thanks to Nicolas La Penna of Chaitur.com for these pictures.

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1. Seaver Jones - 17 April 2009

Nico, hope you are staying safe. Send news of town and how things are.

2. Seaver Jones - 17 April 2009

It is very hard to get any idea of what is happening in this part of Patagonia. If there is a link to current information, please share it.

3. volcanism - 17 April 2009

I plan to catch up with Chaitén news later today. In the meantime, if you’d like me to be able to spend more time keeping this blog up-to-date, help me out by using the ‘donate’ button down there on the right!

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