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Llaima eruption quietens 7 April 2009

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Llaima from the south-west, 7 April 2009, 07:00 (copyright Roberto Alarcon, POVI)

The sometimes dramatic eruptive activity we have been seeing at Llaima over the past few days appears to be on the decline. In its latest bulletin, published at 10:00 today, the Chilean geological service SERNAGEOMIN reports that in the clear weather of this morning ‘it was only possible to see weak emissions of ash and volcanic gases from various points on the summit … the volcano continues to erupt but with a much lower intensity compared with the phase that began on 3 April’. A light brown ash plume was rising to 1 km above the summit and dispersing towards the north-east. The volcano’s seismicity has also declined: ‘At 23:00, the energetic tremor which has been a characteristic of the seismic behaviour of the volcano during the current eruptive cycle suddenly declined to 300 RSAM units and 40 minutes later had reached just 19 units, where it has remained until 10:00 today’. This has been confirmed by Werner Keller of POVI, Proyecto Observación Visual Volcán Llaima, who reports that from around 22:25 local time the persistent seismic tremor declined to background levels. POVI’s cameras detected a slow-moving lava flow on the western flank of the volcano early this morning.

The picture above showing a subdued and ash-blanketed Llaima comes from from POVI (copyright Roberto Alarcón, POVI) and was taken today, 7 April 2009, at 07:00 local time. The view is from the south-west: the subsidiary cone in the foreground is Pichillaima, which was last active in 1994. Within the main summit crater is an inner pyroclastic cone with two superficially separated magma conduits (a close-up view of the crater area can be seen in these POVI images that we published back in February). Werner Keller reports that the inner cone is now 100m higher following the recent strombolian activity.

SERNAGEOMIN is maintaining Volcanic Red Alert for Llaima.

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Oficina Nacional de Emergencia – Chilean government emergencies office
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