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Redoubt: oil removal from volcano-threatened terminal under way 6 April 2009

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Oil company Chevron decided on Sunday to close the Drift River Oil Terminal indefinitely because of the danger posed to the facility by the eruption of Mount Redoubt. This also means oil production in Cook Inlet is being shut down, as (to quote a Chevron spokeswoman) ”we can’t produce oil because we have nowhere to ship it to’.

Plans are going ahead to remove about half the 6 million gallons of oil presently sitting in the terminal’s tanks. A tanker arrived on Sunday evening and the transfer of the oil is reportedly now under way. The entire process could take from 18 to 24 hours.

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Chevron suspends Inlet oil productionAnchorage Daily News, 5 April 2009
Drift River oil removal begins, production stopped – KTUU, 6 April 2009

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1. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 6 April 2009

In case you’re wondering, the strange signal at RDN station occurring right now which started at about 14:30 UTC is electronic noise. It looks like the seismic station is having some problems.

2. Boris Behncke - 6 April 2009

Maybe before building a new oil terminal to replace the Drift River one, Chevron should ask geologists whether a determined new site is suitable, from a geological hazards point of view (volcanic, seismic, landslide …). After all, geologists play a much more important role in society than just being gray-bearded academics hiding behind microscopes or running around in the field to look and hammer at rocks, speaking a jargon no one except their likes will understand.

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