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Redoubt steadily steaming 5 April 2009

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Redoubt, Hut Webcam 5 April 2009 12:56 AKDT (AVO/USGS)

Redoubt is steadily steaming, reports the Alaska Volcano Observatory, emitting ‘a continuous plume composed primarily of water vapor and gas rising above the summit to less than 15,000 feet [4500 metres] and drifting southeast’. The image above, captured by the Hut webcam at 12:56, shows the plume streaming away above an ash-stained landscape crossed by a tracery of mudflows. Seismicity at Redoubt is currently characterized by intermittent tremor and occasional larger earthquakes. There have been no further explosions since the explosive event that took place at 06:00 AKDT yesterday.

Another small plume has been visible on and off at the base of the volcano’s north face: the AVO says this is an expected consequence of ‘hot debris from yesterday’s explosion [interacting] with snow, ice, and water’. The image below from the new DFR webcam, captured at 11:30 local time today, shows the plume clearly (thanks to Gijs de Reijke for this image). The plume is on the right of the picture:

Redoubt DFR Webcam, 5 April 2009, 11:30:57 AKDT (AVO)

The planned removal of oil from the Drift River Terminal, intended to take place yesterday, was delayed by the Saturday morning eruption. Another attempt to transfer half of the 6 million gallons of oil still in the terminal to a tanker was scheduled for today, Sunday.

Redoubt’s activity is fascinating and sometimes beautiful to watch from afar, but not so nice to live with every day, reports the Associated Press:

For residents of Alaska’s largest city, living near an active volcano means sometimes wearing air-filtration masks and stretching panty hose over the air intake of cars and trucks.

The volcano also brings daily uncertainty about whether it will blow and, if it does, where the ash will go.

‘I would like it to have a big boom and get it over with’, said Brad Sandison, a retired truck driver and avid cyclist who carries a face mask and goggles whenever he rides just in case the volcano starts spewing ash.

Ash is not the only danger associated with this eruption. The Kenai Peninsula Clarion reports that people are crowding the roads to get a view of the volcano and running into one another.

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