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Chile: eruption at Llaima 4 April 2009

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Llaima volcano in Chile is erupting. The Chilean Government’s Oficina Nacional de Emergencia (ONEMI) reported yesterday that from around 20:00 local time incandescence at the crater was visible from the adjacent areas of Cherquenco and Vilcún, and to a lesser extent from Melipeuco. The various emergency and civil protection committees were duly activated. A further bulletin earlier today reported that ‘an eruption of weak character is taking place at Llaima volcano with small explosions and eruptions of pyroclastic material at the level of the crater. The most recent ONEMI bulletin reports:

According to information provided by Regional ONEMI personnel on the ground the volcanic activity has remained stable for the last four hours, with constant explosions which reach 600 metres above the crater; fall of ash and fine scoria has been seen in the eastern sector, towards Laguna Verde and Conguillío Park. Furthermore, a lava flow has been observed flowing towards Río Calbuco, Comuna de Vilcún, with an approximate length of over 1000 metres, following the same route as that of the 2008 eruption, which does not have large accumulations of ice and snow.

ONEMI notes that there is a lahar risk on the Calbuco river. A number of people who were in the Conguillío National Park when the eruption began are safe, and evacuations will take place as soon as possible. An overflight of the volcano is planned for later today.

El Mercurio reports that two fast-moving lava flows have emerged from Llaima, reaching as far as three kilometres from the crater.

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1. Boris Behncke - 4 April 2009

I recommend you check out the Llaima web-cam run by my friend Werner Keller’s POVI: http://povi.cl/llaima/webcam.html

2. volcanism - 4 April 2009

I’ve heard from POVI – pictures coming up.

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