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Brief intermission 2 April 2009

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I am called away from the keyboard and there’ll be no posting here until Saturday 4 April, probably. Unless something (ahem) extraordinary happens.

By the way, March 2009 was the busiest month for The Volcanism Blog since we started, with a total of 63,930 views. The busiest day was Monday 23 March, the day Redoubt erupted: 6,178 views. Thank you all for dropping in!

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1. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 2 April 2009

A new webcam for Redoubt volcano has been added

DFR Webcam:

2. Brian Owens - 2 April 2009

AVO says the new camera takes pictures only every two hours. It looks like it would have a fantastic view of any lahars, and is close enough where it may be able to see lave domes. So I wonder if that is the primary purpose of these cameras, to check for domes and lahars.

3. Brian Owens - 2 April 2009

I forgot to add it is at the DFR seismic station.

4. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 2 April 2009

Seismic activity got interesting during the last few hours with all those small repeating earthquakes. I wonder if they’re related with magma extrusion from the new lava dome which supposedly recently formed. They remember me of a small pond of water (the dome) bubbling (small earthquakes) from a constant source of gas (magma). It’s not a very scientifical explanation but you get the idea!

5. gg - 3 April 2009

I love the new infrared photos that the AVO has posted. Magma! http://www.avo.alaska.edu/image.php?id=17703

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