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Redoubt update, 30 March 2009 30 March 2009

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A further explosive eruption was reported by the Alaska Volcano Observatory at 23:14 AKDT 29 March 2009 (07:14 GMT 30 March 2009), with a cloud top above 20000 feet/6000 metres, but is currently being reanalyzed by the AVO’s experts, according to a new update (2009-03-30 02:16:26):

We are re-analyzing the event reported as an explosive eruption occurring at approximately 23:14 AKDT (7:14 UTC). An episode of stronger tremor at the volcano was in progress when the seismic signal from a M5.4 earthquake near Kodiak Island passed through the Redoubt area causing the tremor amplitude to appear to increase quickly.

Radar did show a cloud top above 20,000 ft above sea level at approximately the same time.

Meanwhile Anchorage airport has re-opened after closing because of ashfall on Saturday afternoon. The Drift River Oil Terminal, where 6 million gallons (23 million litres) of oil is still sitting in the tanks, remains a major focus of concern: two environmental groups have written to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin asking that emergency oil-spill response equipment be positioned ready for rapid deployment in the event of any spillage.

Useful link: Mount Redoubt Volcano News is a constantly updated site that brings together coverage of Redoubt from news sites and blogs.

UPDATE: The AVO have completed their re-analysis of the 23:14 AKDT event and have concluded that it was not an explosive eruption: ‘At that time, there was heightened tremor, however, seismic and infrasound data do not show clear evidence that an explosion occurred and this will not be categorized as an explosive eruption’.

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1. Craig Heden - 30 March 2009

A global movie of recent SO2 emmision plumes from Redoubt can be veiwed here. http://spaceweather.com/swpod2009/30mar09/so2_gome2_anim.gif?PHPSESSID=ottmhoun5h8b28tgfp6b2kq411

Credit to Dr. Tony Phillips and Spaceweather .com

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