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Redoubt eruption timelapse videos 30 March 2009

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A kind reader has alerted me to four interesting timelapse videos of Redoubt made by Bretwood Higman, who lives near Seldovia, Alaska, around 130km away from the volcano.

The first, ‘Redoubt Eruption March 27 2009’, shows Redoubt’s eruption column during the eruptions of the evening of 27 March. The big pulse near the middle of the video is the eruption of 19:25 local time, which the AVO reported sent the plume up to 51000 feet/15200 metres.

The second, ‘Time lapse of Redoubt Volcano ash’ shows the 26 March ash plume swinging across the film-maker’s snowy Alaska backyard.

Third, ’28 March Redoubt Eruption’ is a short video of the 15:29 AKDT 28 March eruption.

Finally ‘View toward Redoubt Volcano on 28 March’ captures two eruptions on that day, the 13:40 event and the larger 15:29 eruption.

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1. theroachman - 30 March 2009

Hut cam is half clear of ash. You can see Redoubt but not well. When sun is up more there could be better views.

2. theroachman - 30 March 2009

Hut cam offering great views of Redoubt again!


3. Suzyk2002 - 30 March 2009

10.59 AKDT / 19.59 UTC webcam is almost clear but for top left corner. She’s smoking again…..

BTW fantastic blog.

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