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‘Continuous ash plume’ at Redoubt 30 March 2009

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Redoubt Hut Webcam 30 March 2009, 0955AKDT (AVO/USGS)
Redoubt 30 March 2009, 09:55 AKDT.

Redoubt Hut Webcam 30 March 2009, 1128AKDT (AVO/USGS)
Redoubt 30 March 2009, 11:28 AKDT.

The latest Status Report from the Alaska Volcano Observatory (issued at 11:56 AKDT) observes:

Over the past twelve hours, ash emissions at Redoubt Volcano have become more frequent, but lower in altitude than during the highly explosive events of the past week. A continuous ash plume has been observed in web camera, satellite and radar images, and by pilots. These plumes vary in their intensity and have generally been at low altitude (less than 20,000 feet above sea level). Occasional, short lived events have produced ash clouds that rise as high as 27,000 feet above sea level. Ash fall from these events is currently not likely to reach population centers in the Cook Inlet.

A continuous ash plume has been visible from the Redoubt Hut Webcam since the ice/ash on the glass cleared enough to make anything visible, about six hours ago. There’s still a bit of muck in the top left corner, but otherwise it’s providing a clear and very dramatic view of Redoubt with its plume heading north-east, just to one side of the camera’s position (see above).

UPDATE: A new report from the AVO (2009-03-30 13:25:32) says that ‘Seismic activity and webcam views suggest that ash production has diminished over the last hour’.

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1. theroachman - 31 March 2009

Not that anyone who frequents this space in the universe would unaware of this, but Redoubt’s Hut camera views right now are awe-inspiring

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