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More eruptions at Redoubt 28 March 2009

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Redoubt 27 March 2009 eruption cloud (photographer Dennis Anderson)
Redoubt’s eruption cloud from the 27 March 2009 19:25 AKDT eruption, photographed at 19:57 from Homer, Alaska (photographer: Dennis Anderson, auroradude.com).

Redoubt has erupted explosively three times in the last seven hours, reports the Alaska Volcano Observatory. An eruption at 17:35 AKDT (01:35 GMT) produced an eruption cloud to 40000 feet (12200 metres) above sea level; another eruption at 19:25 AKDT (03:25 GMT) sent up a plume to 51000 feet (15500 metres); and a third, beginning at 23:20 AKDT (07:20 GMT), has produced a cloud that has reached 40000 feet (12200 metres).

UPDATE: A further eruption began at 01:20 AKDT (09:20 GMT), with an eruption cloud reported up to 50000 feet above sea level (15200 metres).

Unfortunately the AVO Hut Webcam has been blacked out by ash since around 18:00 local time yesterday. The Rig Webcam in Cook Inlet has had a very misty and cloudy view over the past few daylight hours, but the vague shape of the eruption plume can be made out in shots from around 03:44 GMT onwards.

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1. Ton van der Aa - 28 March 2009

as i was watching the Webicorder at avo for redoubt decided too watch all of them for the other volcanos .I was schocked about the last couple of hous at Mount Gareloi don,t know what is up there but it,s moving harder then redoubt!?!

2. volcanism - 28 March 2009

You’re right, there is currently some intense tremor at Gareloi:


3. theroachman - 28 March 2009

Mount Gareloi thats one long tremor, and still going it apears. I dont have a link which shows a weather radar for the area un fortunatly

4. theroachman - 28 March 2009

Was the RDN webrecorded signal lost?

5. volcanism - 28 March 2009

Other AVO webicorder traces are currently missing as well – I suspect a technical fault at the Observatory.

6. theroachman - 28 March 2009

I was about to say the same thing. They might be doing another site update.

7. Blamo - 28 March 2009

Is something going on at Okmok right now?


8. theroachman - 28 March 2009

Is there a live link to these webcam and radiometer at the Halema`uma`u overlook vent?


9. theroachman - 28 March 2009

Seems the Hut Cam is completely out now

10. What is happening at Gareloi? « The Volcanism Blog - 28 March 2009

[…] to Ton van der Aa who spotted something going on at […]

11. Boris Behncke - 28 March 2009

The AVO photo gallery now has a whole set of impressive photographs of lightning in the latest eruption columns from Redoubt:

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