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Redoubt eruption cloud reaches 15.2km 27 March 2009

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Another eruption occurred at Redoubt volcano at approximately 08:40 AKDT this morning (16:40 GMT). The Alaska Volcano Observatory issued a Volcanic Activity Notice at 08:51 reporting an eruption cloud height (from NWS radar) of 50000 feet or 15.2 kilometres.

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1. Boris Behncke - 27 March 2009

looks like the AVO Redoubt hut web cam is getting “blinded” by ash accumulating on the window it’s looking through … hopefully someone will find a chance to clean it soon

2. Dave S - 27 March 2009

I wonder what the VEI would be so far.

3. Brian Owens - 27 March 2009

Just a guess, but I am guessing VEI between 3 and 4. My reasoning is to compare it to St. Helens in 1980, which was a VEI5.

St. Helens erupted for 10 hours, and the ash cloud also went up to about the same height as some of Redoubts, but Redoubt seems to only have eruptions of 10-30 minutes or so. So the total volume is probably much smaller (so far) then St. Helens.

In fact, St. Helens had 4-5 smaller eruption after the May 18 eruption that were probably on a scale similar to Redoubt. Ash clouds 50,000 feet or so, and eruptions lasting an hour or less.

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