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Redoubt update, 26 March 2009 26 March 2009

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Following yesterday’s lowering of the alert level to Watch/Orange (AVO statement here) things have remained stable at Redoubt and there have been no further eruptive/explosive events. The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that the volcano is restless, with seismicity above background but unchanged over the last few hours, and marked by ‘occasional discrete events’ (small intermittent earthquakes).

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1. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

I think a small (about same amplitude as the last two) but prolonged eruption occurred at 16:25 UTC (8:25 local time), a while ago.

2. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

Thinking more about it, it might be a debris flow/lahar to the east flank of the volcano. It’s still occurring at the moment I’m writing.

3. volcanism - 26 March 2009

There’s certainly something going on – currently intense tremor on the webicorder traces.

4. theroachman - 26 March 2009

Radar is showing something on Redoubt but with the direction of the passing storm it may only be heavy snow from the storm. Not enouph to account for an eruption.

5. volcanism - 26 March 2009

AVO has just reported another explosive event – status back to Warning/Red.

6. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

This is AVO’s official update:

“2009-03-26 08:52:50
A new explosive event at Redoubt has just taken place at approximately 8:34 AKDT. The NWS has detected a cloud height of about 30,000 feet based on radar. The Aviation Color Code is being raised to Red and the Volcano Alert Level to Warning.”

The traces from different stations look “interesting” because it’s like if there was something drifting from one side to another of the volcano. I’ll try to make later a multichannel audio sample of this event from seismic data from multiple stations when things will calm up (possibly)… it too, will be interesting to hear.

Unfortunately the weather still doesn’t allow good views of the volcano with the webcams.

7. theroachman - 26 March 2009

Seems to me that this may show this was a dome collapse? Given the web recorders smooth curve? Now if the weather would only cooperate.

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