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Another explosion – Redoubt back to red 26 March 2009

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Another explosive event has occurred at Redoubt, reports the Alaska Volcano Observatory (update at 2009-03-26 08:52:50). It began at approximately 08:34 AKDT (16:34 GMT) and produced an ash plume that rose to 30000 feet (9100 metres). The aviation colour code has been raised once more to Red, and the volcanic alert level to Warning. AVO Volcanic Activity Notice here.

UPDATE: A further explosion is reported at 09:24 AKDT (17:24 GMT). The AVO gives the cloud height, from pilot reports, to be at least 65000 feet (19800 metres) above sea level. Fresh meltwater runoff is visible on the Hut webcam, along with pyroclastic flows and ashfall. A new AVO Volcanic Activity Notice has been issued. Anchorage VAAC have an ash advisory issued at 1750 GMT warning of ash at FL650.

AVO reports (10:54 AKDT) that the 09:24 eruption has diminished (‘though smaller events may occur, or a larger event resume’), and that this event produced a lahar down the Drift River. A flash flood warning is in operation for the river until 15:00 local time today. An ashfall advisory has been issued for the western Kenai Peninsula (AVO warns that up to 1/8th of an inch of ash, 6mm, may accumulate) but no ashfall is expected in Anchorage.

The 20km ash cloud from this event is the highest altitude yet reached in the current eruptive phase. The 1989-90 eruption produced ash to an altitude of 13.7km.

Pictures of the 09:24 event from the Hut webcam, captured at (from top down) 09:35, 09:40 and 09:44. A pyroclastic flow is visible on the left of the 09:35 picture; steam can be seen rising from its course in the 09:40 picture. The dark channels visible on the snow are meltwater and mudflows created by the heat of the eruption.

Redoubt volcano - AVO Hut Webcam, 26 March 2009

Redoubt volcano - AVO Hut Webcam, 26 March 2009

Redoubt volcano - AVO Hut Webcam, 26 March 2009

Some later pictures, from 13:24, 13:39 and 13:54, showing the eruption cloud at the summit and fresh lahar deposits:

Redoubt volcano - AVO Hut Webcam, 26 March 2009

Redoubt volcano - AVO Hut Webcam, 26 March 2009

Redoubt volcano - AVO Hut Webcam, 26 March 2009

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1. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

A much bigger explosion (similar if not bigger, to the first ones) occurred at 17:24 UTC (9:24 local time) !

2. theroachman - 26 March 2009

Hut camera shows something, ash?, falling bellow the cloud level…

3. theroachman - 26 March 2009

This one is big for sure even the NCT webrecorded is red lining

4. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

Definitely a flow of some sort (pyroclastic, lahar, etc) in my opinion.

5. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

>This one is big for sure even the NCT webrecorded is red lining

Have a look at the traces in this seismic monitoring tool I use:

All stations displayed but RDT (which is 21 Kilometers away from the volcano summit) have been saturated in some way!

6. Boris Behncke - 26 March 2009

oops that seems to be the biggest one so far … and yes, I’d say that’s a pyroclastic flow in the webcam image (now it’s been replaced by another, which shows steaming from the same area, another indicator that hot material has flowed down that area). Hopefully weather conditions will improve soon …

7. theroachman - 26 March 2009

Very nice Thank you

The Hut camera is showing columns of steam coming from the main flow…

8. Ben Monjay - 26 March 2009

Does anyone have a webpage that is caching the Hut images and displaying them?

9. Chris - 26 March 2009
10. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 26 March 2009

By looking at how dark clouds are drifting away at the Cook Inlet webcam, it seems like we might be getting more or less clear views of the volcano from the Hut webcam in about 1.5-2 hours.

I’ll start making a video of the last two eruptions with footage from the Hut webcam and sound converted from digital traces of multiple seismic stations after such time.

By the way, would you prefer it at “normal” (80x realtime) or accelerated (160x realtime) speed? In my opinion seismic traces will sound better and more interesting at 80x, but the video will also be twice longer.

11. volcanism - 26 March 2009

Akira, these videos of yours are excellent. I’d vote for 80x, to get the full benefit of the seismic traces. Looking forward to seeing the result.

12. Ben Monjay - 26 March 2009
13. theroachman - 26 March 2009

The weather at the Hut has improved and there is a ash cloud in view

14. Boris Behncke - 26 March 2009

Right now (21.35 UT) the AVO web cam is beginning to show more detail of the mountain and its (relatively reduced) gas (and ash?) plume …

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