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Redoubt not only volcano in world 25 March 2009

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The Volcanism Blog has been somewhat Redoubt-focused over the past few days, and I’ve had e-mails reminding me that there are other volcanoes on the planet and I shouldn’t forget about them. That is quite true, of course, but there is only one of me, I have a limited amount of time, I can’t do everything at once and I don’t get paid for doing this.

However, people concerned that Chaitén, Tonga, Galeras and Koryaksky (to name a few) are not getting their due do have a point, and I will be trying to catch up as best I can with the rest of the world before the end of this week.

And (despite my grumbling above) please don’t be put off getting in touch and telling me what you would like to see this blog covering, what you think there should be less of, and what can be improved. Feedback is always welcome.

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1. Bruce S. - 25 March 2009

Are you about to erupt?

2. volcanism - 25 March 2009

No, seismicity is low, I assure you :)

3. Les Francis - 25 March 2009

Dr. Ralph, you are doing a terrific job here. You are also being linked left right and centre.

4. volcanism - 25 March 2009

Thank you. I do appreciate the interest shown in the blog.

5. Mic22 - 25 March 2009

I’d really like to read more about Mt. Etna, here in Italy :)

Seriously… I want to thank you, as well as Mr. Sullivan and Dr. Klemetti, for being a great source of information and knowledge, always up to date and exhaustive.

Keep up the good work!


6. Boris Behncke - 25 March 2009

Mic22 … sometimes I’d like to find the time to send in some updates on Mt Etna, because that’s the volcano that I am working on along with dozens of colleagues at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV). The thing is, we’re having this eruption going on at Etna, since May 2008, and it’s going really really sloooooooowly, it’s just a tiny lava flow, which we find rather unexciting (after all the gorgeous stuff we’ve seen at this volcano during the years 1995-2007). We did have a short upsurge in the activity about two weeks ago, when all of a sudden there were again explosions at the fissure that had not done anything like this since late July. But that upsurge lasted only a few days and since then it’s back to the sloooooow trickling of lava. This is why I do not feel much like reporting to Volcanism Blog because there’s fare more exciting volcanic activity going on elsewhere in this moment. However, if you read Italian, there are regular weekly updates on the INGV web site, which you can find at this link:
Obviously, if something more interesting happens at Etna, I shall notify the Volcanism Blog immediately.
I do also every now and then post photos with descriptions of the current activity at Etna at Flickr:

7. Mic22 - 26 March 2009

Thank you Boris…
I was only joking about the complaints received by Dr. Ralph :)

Anyway, Etna is always fascinating and beautiful… let’s just hope it stays quiet for some more time!

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