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Redoubt – latest on the eruption 23 March 2009

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The latest from Redoubt is that the eruption is ongoing, with another large explosion reported by the Alaska Volcano Observatory at around 04:30 local time. The intense signal from this event is clear on all the AVO Webicorders except that for the RSO station, which is currently producing no signal: this may be a fault or it may have been rendered inoperable by the eruption.

Anchorage VAAC has issued a new ash advisory at 11:15 GMT (03:15 local time) reporting ash at FL400, which is 40000 feet above sea level. The ash plume continues to disperse towards the NNW, sparing Anchorage the ashfall thus far.

The United States Geological Survey has issued a news release about the Redoubt eruption.

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1. theroachman - 23 March 2009

When is the next Hut Photo shot expected? Any idea if it is still working. It may still be dark from the Hut site but it noramaly takes photos at night too and it has been over 4 hours since the last upload.

2. Mic22 - 23 March 2009

2009-03-23 07:46:00

AVO’s web camera near the volcano is no longer functioning

3. Mike - 23 March 2009

The failure of the hut web cam corresponds very well to the large explosion mentioned by AVO at 0437. Web cam failed at 0415.

I’ll bet is isn’t coming back on line.

4. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 23 March 2009

The last shot I got from the Hut webcam is from 02:04 local time, which isn’t showing anything other than darkness.
Anyway… there’s still the Cook Inlet webcam!

5. theroachman - 23 March 2009

Pretty cloudy view from the CI cam.

SSD infared does some what show the ash plume

any better Alaska satellite views?

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