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Redoubt in the news 23 March 2009

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A quick round-up of some points from the news media’s coverage of Redoubt today.

Reuters, under the puzzling headline ‘Alaska’s Redoubt erupts, more may follow’ (more eruptions at Redoubt, not more volcanoes, presumably) reports that the Drift River Oil Terminal was in the process of shutting itself down in response to the eruption. Interior Secretary Salazar is quoted as saying that ‘we believe everything is safe there’. An AFP report (among others) notes that Alaska Airlines is cancelling flights out of Anchorage. The volcano has also disrupted the travel arrangements of Alaskan politicians – the nerve.

The Anchorage Daily News has extensive reports on the eruption, including accounts of the significant ashfall at Skwentna, upwind of the volcano.

Popular Science reports that ‘Federal Aviation Administration officials have not stopped flights into Anchorage, but some airlines have canceled flights into the state’s capitol’. They mean ‘capital’, not ‘capitol’, and anyway Anchorage is not the state capital of Alaska.

‘Ash clouds as Alaskan volcano erupts’, says the link on the BBC News website, but the link goes to a video of the 15 March explosive event (which happened in daylight, not during the hours of darkness as was the case with the current eruption). This video is not identified as dating from 15 March, thus giving the casual browser the impression that the BBC is showing them a video of today’s eruption. The same video, still not correctly dated, is used to illustrate the BBC’s report of the current eruption. This really is very sloppy news presentation.

UPDATE: 24 March 2009 – the BBC are still using the 15 March video clip without identifying it. In this new report today it is coupled directly to shots of ashfall from the current eruption, making it even more potentially misleading.

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1. ediacara - 24 March 2009

The Hut webcam works again!!!

2. theroachman - 24 March 2009

Nice but cloudy at the top.


Halema`uma`u is showing maybe some rock fall currently


3. poppl - 24 March 2009

The Hut cam doesn’t reveal much, but if you compare it to last week’s image there are some noticeable and dramatic changes.

4. Dan - 24 March 2009

New explosion… and this time the web cam is clear enough to see it.

5. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 24 March 2009

I made a timelapse video of the sixth eruption/explosion with footage from the Hut webcam and sound from the converted digital seismic traces of NCT and DFR seismic stations. Audio/video are synchronized, playing speed is 80x:

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