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Redoubt erupts 23 March 2009

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Mount Redoubt is erupting. The eruption began at 22:38 local time, 22 March 2009 (06:38 GMT, 23 March 2009). The first report from the Alaska Volcano Observatory, issued 22:56 local time, put the eruption cloud at below 20000 feet (6000 metres) above sea level. A subsequent report, issued 23:26 local time, put the eruption cloud altitude at 50000 feet (15200 metres), and gave the following observations:

[Volcanic cloud height] The height of the eruption cloud is estimated to be 50,000 ft above sea level. Further reports will be issued as more information becomes available.
[Other volcanic cloud information] Nil
[Mudflow] Mudflows are possible on Drift and Crescent Rivers.
[Ash fall] Ashfall likely in the vicinity of and downwind from the volcano.

Volcanic Alert Level is WARNING, Aviation Colour Code is RED.

Follow this link to Weather Underground for a radar view of the Redoubt eruption plume (thanks to Stefan at stromboli.org for the link). Another radar view is available from the National Weather Service here.

The AVO reports (2009-03-23 00:30:12) that three large explosions at Redoubt have been recorded: 22 March at 22:38, 22 March at 23:02, 23 March at 00:14. A further update (2009-03-23 02:04:08) records a FOURTH large explosion beginning at 01:39.

National Weather Service ashfall advisory for Redoubt is here.

More to come as the situation develops. Thanks to all those commenters who reported the eruption in the comment thread for this earlier post.

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1. Ediacara - 23 March 2009

Happy to see your post about the eruption! Please, if you’ll have any data about the amount of SO2 released by Redoubt’s eruption, post it! As last summer’s Kasatochi eruption have created some very spectacular atmospheric phenomena in Central Europe too, we living here are eagerly waiting for the next time we can observe these wonders! Thank you in advance!

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