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Seismic rattles and rolls at Redoubt 21 March 2009

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Mount Redoubt has been going through some interesting seismic evolutions over the last 24 hours. From around 00:00 to around 08:00 GMT on 20 March (around 16:00-00:00 on 19 March, local time) there was a period of marked volcanic tremor. The amplitude of the tremor diminished subsequently, but a pattern of small discrete quakes (around 1-2 per hour) interspersed with occasional larger seismic events continued, with the smaller quakes increasing in frequency and amplitude from around 10:00 local time. The RSO webicorder trace shows all this clearly:

Redoubt RSO webicorder trace 20 March 2009 (Alaska Volcano Observatory)

These small quakes are probably caused by localized rock fractures as magma moves at depth within the volcano. All this indicates that Redoubt is an active, restless volcano – which we knew already.

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1. Juhani - 21 March 2009

Is there a way to calculate the depth and location ( for these smaller quakes) accurately enough to make a 3D animation on how things develop under the hood so to speak? Would like to see such a visualization…
USGS provides nice 2D maps of quakes, but seeing things in 3D would be much more informative.

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