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The Daily Volcano Quote: the decline of volcanic activity 19 March 2009

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It is supposed that the number of active volcanoes in the world is one thousand, if we include all those still retaining some degree of heat, although at present dormant. The number however of known burning volcanoes is estimated at two hundred, which are distributed as follows. One on the continent of Europe and twelve on its islands, sixtysix in Asia, one hundred and seventeen in America, and an unknown number in Africa. The number now is not so great as in ancient times. The whole face of the earth exhibits appearances to lead the geologist to believe, that they were once not only more frequent than at present, but that their eruptions were on an incomparably larger scale. The number of extinct volcanoes which are known exceeds that of the active. Many may have been covered up by the eruptions of succeeding volcanoes.

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