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Redoubt video – 15 March 2009 event 16 March 2009

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Redoubt 15 March 2009, 1320 (AVO Hut webcam)

Thanks and acknowledgements to Akira Shirakawa, who draw our attention in a comment here today to a video he has compiled of yesterday’s eruption, or explosion, or (to be neutral) event at Mount Redoubt. The video is composed of shots from the Hut webcam, and the pictures are synchronized with sound from the RSO seismic station.

The video can be viewed at YouTube. The images above and below are two of the webcam stills that can be seen in the video.

Redoubt 15 March 2009, 1639 (AVO Hut webcam)

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1. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 16 March 2009

Wow , I wouldn’t have expected a whole post dedicated to my video!
I’m glad you liked it!

I have set up a script to automatically download 24/7 new stills from Redoubt webcams (Cook Inlet and Hut), so if anything notable happens I will make videos (with sound, if available) again.

2. volcanism - 16 March 2009

You’re welcome! Thanks are due to you for putting it together. It would be great to see more videos, if and when anything happens. I’ll happily link to them from this blog.

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