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So, what exactly happened at Redoubt? 15 March 2009

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We had a raising of the alert level and lots of warnings … predictions of doom … a huge media buildup … a long period of nothing happening (apparently) … and now the alert level has been lowered again. So, what exactly happened with all that Mount Redoubt stuff?

If you want to know what happened and where we stand now, the best place to go is this comprehensive post at Dr Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog: And that about wraps it up for Redoubt. The warning signs may not have led to an eruption in the short term on this occasion, but that doesn’t mean that monitoring should not continue and that such warnings should not be taken seriously in the future. Volcanoes are dangerous and unpredictable things.

For all our Redoubt coverage: Redoubt « The Volcanism Blog.

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1. Alan Sullivan - 15 March 2009

I think that “wrapping up” is premature. Seismicity has increased again, and there was quite a bit of fumarolic steam visible on the webcam yesterday.

2. Fishing In Juneau - 16 March 2009

The volcano had a minor eruption of ash and steam today that went ofer 15,000 feet into the atmosphere. Also the alert level has been going up again. Maybe it is not done yet… but as we all know these things are not really easy to predict. It could erupt tonight, next week, next month, or near never… we just dont know.

That being said it is better to be safe then sorry… so everyone should at least be mentally and physically prepared for an eruption.

3. Alan Sullivan - 16 March 2009

AVO is declining to call the event an eruption. It’s a fine and somewhat arbitrary line.

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