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Alert level raised at Galeras 13 March 2009

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In a special bulletin released yesterday, 12 March 2009, at 19:30 local time, the INGEOMINAS Pasto observatory announced that the alert level for Galeras was being raised to Orange (II), ‘eruption probable within days or weeks’.

The bulletin observes that ‘a notable reduction in seismicity (related to fluid dynamics’ was registered over the previous 12 hours, and particularly the previous 3 hours, along with ‘the occurrence of ‘low-energy earthquakes associated with small fractures of rigid material occurring at superficial levels’. There has also been a significant decline in the emission of sulphur dioxide. ‘The changes shown in the seismic activity and the degassing processes during the last few hours’, concludes the bulletin, ‘may reflect a pronounced phase of cooling, crystallization and solidification of the material of the dome and of remaining magma’. The volcanologists at Pasto are clearly concerned about the increased danger of an explosive eruption caused by pressure building up beneath a freshly formed plug of cooled and solidified rock.

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