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The Daily Volcano Quote: Cotopaxi, a mischievous volcano 10 March 2009

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This mountain is the loftiest of those volcanoes of the Andes, which, at recent epochs, have undergone eruptions. Notwithstanding it lies near the equator, its summit is covered with perpetual snows. The absolute height of Cotopaxi is 18,876 feet, or three miles and a half, consequently it is 2,622 feet, or half a mile, higher than Vesuvius would be, were that mountain placed on the top of the Peak of Teneriffe! Cotopaxi is the most mischievous of the volcanics in the kingdom of Quito and its explosions are the most frequent and disastrous … In 1738, the flames of Cotopaxi rose 3,000 feet, or upwards of half a mile above the brink of the crater. In 1744, the roarings of this volcano were heard at the distance of six hundred miles. On the 4th of April, 1768, the quantity of ashes ejected at the mouth of Cotopaxi was so great, that it was dark till three in the afternoon.

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