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The Daily Volcano Quote: a Neptunist view of Naples, 1774 5 March 2009

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We are just returned from spending a month at Naples, that fairy land, that terrestrial Elysium … Not many years ago a large mountain rose by an explosion from the bottom of the sea. It is called Monte nuevo. This favours an opinion that the whole coast of Naples and the little islands in the bay are the works of volcanoes below the sea. Another argument is, that burnt matter, calcined or vitrified, is generally found by digging deep into the earth … But a strong reason against them is the regularity of the layers of stone. Sand, earth, &c. are observed in several of the mountains whose sides have been laid open. This regularity indicates the gradual positions of particles floating in the water, rather than the work of fire.

Letter to the Editor, The General Evening Post, 24 April 1774.

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