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SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 25 February 2009 – 3 March 2009 5 March 2009

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SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 25 February 2009 - 3 March 2009

The Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report covering 25 February 2009 to 3 March 2009 is now available on the Global Volcanism Program website. The following is a summary and not a substitute for the full report.

New activity: Chaitén (Chile), Koryaksky (Kamchatka, Russia), Okmok (Alaska, USA), Sakura-jima (Japan).

Ongoing activity: Colima (Mexico), Galeras (Colombia), Karymsky (Kamchatka, Russia), Kilauea (Hawaii, USA), Redoubt (Alaska, USA), Santa María (Guatemala), Shiveluch (Kamchatka, Russia), Soufrière Hills ( Montserrat), Suwanose-jima (Japan), Tungurahua (Ecuador).


Chaitén (Chile): 24 Feb 09, overflight reported extensive accumulation of material from 19 Feb 09 partial dome complex in basal ring and throughout Chaitén river valley, steam plumes with little ash rose from northern part of Dome 2, steam and ash plumes emitted from central pinnacle, steam plumes and sporadic explosions observed from southern part of Dome 1, combined plume to 1.5km above the domes; constant small collapses generated block-and-ash flows.

Koryaksky (Kamchatka, Russia): 25 Feb-4 Mar 09, seismic activity at background levels; 3-4
Mar 09, gas plumes with low ash content to 3.7km a.s.l., drifted more than 200km ENE, ash deposits seen at summit, ash deposits 1-2 mm thick accumulated in an area between Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes.

Okmok (Alaska, USA): 1-2 Mar 09, seismicity elevated above background level with short bursts of volcanic tremor at an average rate of one per hour.

Sakura-jima (Japan): 28 Feb-1 Mar 09, explosions reported; 1 Mar 09, plumes to 1.8-3km a.s.l., drifted S; 1-2 Mar 09, three Vulcanian explosions from Showa Crater, ejecting bombs up to 1.3km distance, deformation detected; 2 & 4 Mar 09, eruptions or explosions produced plumes to 2.7-3km a.s.l.; 3 Mar 09, explosion reported.


Colima (Mexico): 5 Feb-3 Mar 09, white and gray plumes to 3.9-4.5km a.s.l.

Galeras (Colombia): 25 Feb-2 Mar 09, white gas plumes with variable ash content to 5.4km a.s.l., drifted NNW.

Karymsky (Kamchatka, Russia): 21-28 Feb 09, seismic activity at background levels; ash plumes to 3.7km a.s.l.; 24 Feb 09, dark plume reported near the volcano rising to 2.1km a.s.l.; 21 & 24-25 Feb 09, thermal anomaly detected on the lava dome; 21 Feb 09, ash plume drifted 150km NE.

Kilauea (Hawaii, USA): 25 Feb-3 Mar 09, lava flowed SE through lava tubes to the Waikupanaha
ocean entry producing occasional explosions; 28 Feb 09, sizeable collapse of the Waikupanaha bench observed; frequent thermal anomalies on the coastal plain suggested surface flows. Halema’uma’u crater vent continued to produce predominantly white plume drifting mainly SW, incandescence observed intermittently; 26 Feb 09, two spattering and episodically degassing vents observed about 100 m below the vent rim.

Redoubt (Alaska, USA): 25 Feb-3 Mar 09, variable seismic activity; 25 Feb 09, small mud flow travelled several hundred metres from a melt hole in the Drift Glacier; 26 Feb 09, another mudflow travelled several kilometres and covered a large portion of the Drift Glacier; 26 Feb & 1 Mar 09, steam plumes observed within the summit crater.

Santa María (Guatemala): 26 Feb 09, eruption from Santiaguito lava dome complex produced an ash plume that drifted SW; 27 Feb & 2 Mar 09, explosions produced ash plumes to 2.8-3.4km a.s.l., drifted SW, ashfall reported nearby and avalanches seen SW of Caliente dome.

Shiveluch (Kamchatka, Russia): 21-28 Feb 09, seismic activity at background levels, ash plumes probably rose to 5.5km a.s.l., lava flows active on S and N flanks; 20-21 & 23-25 Feb 09, fumarolic activity observed; 24-25 Feb 09, dark plumes reported near the volcano to altitudes of 5km a.s.l.; daily thermal anomaly observed on the lava dome; 25 Feb 09, ash plume drifted 40 km NNE.

Soufrière Hills (Montserrat): 20-27 Feb 09, activity at the lava dome at a low level; 24 Feb 09, pyroclastic flow travelled E to the coast; 25 Feb 09, pyroclastic flow produced small ash plume that drifted W.

Suwanose-jima (Japan): 26 Feb-1 Mar 09, multiple explosions reported; 1 Mar 09, resultant plumes to 1.2-1.5km a.s.l., drifted E; 2 Mar 09, eruption produced a plume to 1.5 km a.s.l.; 3 Mar 09, explosion reported.

Tungurahua (Ecuador): 24 Feb-3 Mar 09, ash plumes to 5.5-10km a.s.l., plumes drifted in multiple directions; ashfall reported almost daily to the SW, W, NW, N, and NE; blocks rolled down flanks, roaring and explosion noises heard; 24 & 25 Feb 09, strombolian activity observed overnight at the summit; 25 Feb 09, explosions reported; 1 Mar 09, explosion produced ash plume to 10km a.s.l., drifted NW; 2 Mar 09, incandescence at the crater noted overnight.


The foregoing is a summary of the Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report covering 18 February 2009 to 24 February 2009. It is provided for information only, and is based on but not a substitute for the full report, which comes with its own criteria and disclaimers. The map base is derived from the Smithsonian Institution/USGS/US Naval Research Laboratory This Dynamic Planet website.

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