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Galeras update, 5 March 2009 5 March 2009

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The INGEOMINAS observatory at Pasto issued a bulletin on the evening of 3 March 2009 lowering the activity level for Galeras to Yellow (III), ‘Changes in the behaviour of volcanic activity’, which indicates that activity is above background levels and is unstable, with the potential to increase or decrease.

The bulletin reports that the predominant activity at Galeras ‘continues to be associated with the dynamics of fluids within the volcanic system. In general, the earthquakes are of a low energy level and their occurrence remains at low levels’. Measurements of sulphur dioxide emissions indicated ‘moderate to high’ levels of 1000-3200 tonnes/day between 25 February and 3 March. When weather conditions have permitted, white columns consisting mainly of water vapour with occasional ash have been observed, reaching a maximum altitude of under 1100m above the summit and dispersing to the north-north-west. The bulletin concludes:

The recent behaviour of Galeras reflects that the system is showing conditions that facilitate the release of gases, as a consequence of the effects associated with the recent explosive eruptions and the subsequent processes. However, the minimum volume of the volcanic material deposited in the eruptions of 14 and 20 February 2009 is estimated to be around two million cubic metres, which approximately corresponds to 40% of the total estimated for the lava dome. This makes it possible that Galeras will continue to show fluctuations in levels of activity.

INGEOMINAS have also issued a very detailed report on the activity at Galeras between 23 February and 2 March 2009 which is available from the Pasto observatory website as a PDF: Resumen de actividad del volcán Galeras entre el 23 de febrero a 2 de marzo de 2009.

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