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The Daily Volcano Quote: submarine volcanoes of the Azores, 1811 4 March 2009

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St. Michael’s, Aug. 2, 1811. For the last four months we have scarcely been three days together without experiencing shocks of an earthquake, more or less violent, which have done great damage to the buildings, and been injurious to the cultivators, but fortunately have not occasioned the loss of many lives. These shocks appear to have been produced by two or three volcanoes in the sea, at a short distance from this island, struggling for vent. One which is situated about three leagues from our coast, has ejected such a quantity of matter, that an island four miles long, and two and a half broad, has been formed; and it is still increasing — perhaps it may in time, by continued eruptions, be joined to our island. Another volcano appeared on the 4th July, about eight leagues distance, and in near 35 fathoms water. It has ejected much lava, and greatly agitated the sea, and will doubtless form an island; but its surface on the 28th was still below the level of the water. A third volcano is said to have been discovered a little to the eastward, of which the smoke is plainly visible from St. Michael’s. Some boatmen who approached it while quiescent, report, that the sea on the spot was quite discoloured, and had a sulphureous smell, and that they picked up a quantity of dead fish, half roasted. On the first island, vegetation, I am assured, is already apparent on one side.

‘Sub-Marine Volcanoes near the Azores’, The Observer, 29 September 1811, p. 3.

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