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The future of The Volcanism Blog 25 February 2009

Posted by admin in miscellaneous.

You may have noticed a small addition to The Volcanism Blog’s layout: a ‘donate’ button, up there on the right. It’s a sign of the times.

Such living as I make these days comes from freelance work of various kinds: editing, translating, writing, teaching. The latter activity never pays well anyway, while the others are the kind of thing that companies cut back on when times are hard. They are hard now, and the work is not coming in.

This blog is relatively time-consuming. If I’m going to continue putting into it the hours I have been over the last 14 months, and keeping the coverage and quality up to the standard which I would like, the reality is that I need to be making something from it. I’m open to suggestions as to how this might best be done, but for the moment it seemed simplest to put a tip-jar on the counter, so to speak.

The Volcanism Blog has been a success, and I am proud of it. Over 270,000 visitors have called in since December 2007, and it’s a rare day when it doesn’t see 800-1000 page views. When a high-profile volcano is up to something interesting, I get 2000-4000 visits a day. I want the future of the blog to be secure, and to keep providing the things those people come here for, but there’s a limit to what I can continue to do for free. So, if you like what you find here and you can spare a few dollars, euros or pounds, press the button on the right and drop them in the jar. Thank you.

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1. Bruce S. - 25 February 2009

I’d be happy to donate, in fact on a regular basis because I see this place like a magazine on one of my favorite subjects with the value added that you don’t get booted out of the pub when you actually say something stupid. Not many of us would notice a few bob a month and it would help you out on a more permanent basis than getting a windfall now and then have to confront the issue again in a couple of months time.

I contribute regularly to the best radio station on the web: radioparadise.com and I really love their philosophy. So far they have managed to survive and continue to do what they like doing. You might like to check it out.

Is it possible for you to set up a similar kind of revolving payment system? I’d certainly be in. If not I’d be happy to make a one-off payment.

2. volcanism - 25 February 2009

Thank you, Bruce, I appreciate your comments. If some kind of revolving system can be set up – and it’s great that you’d be interested in supporting the blog that way – I’d be happy to do it. However, as far as I know the PayPal button is only set up for single payments (I stand to be corrected by anyone who knows better – I haven’t used the system before). Thanks again for your support.

3. Bruce S. - 25 February 2009

ok done, I sure hope I am not the only one answering the call. C’mon people, this site is most definitely worth saving!

As I said above, I am sure you’d get more if you could set up recurring payments somehow. Good luck anyhow. I really appreciate all your work! The translations alone are worth their weight in gold.

4. Boris Behncke - 25 February 2009

I have gladly given my little contribution, which I hope will be followed by others. Good luck, and keep up the good work – your site has become the first that I look up when I search for volcano news every day (although I do equally appreciated many of the others, which you link in the column at right).
By the way, check out the latest Chaitén information bulletin (as of 24 February 2009), which has some of the most stuning aerial photographs of the dome, the 19 February collapse scar, and that incredibly huge spine:

5. Anani - 25 February 2009

You can set up reoccuring payments with Paypal. You do it by setting up subscriptions. I do this for my internet newsletter.

I’m in full support of the important work you do.

6. volcanism - 26 February 2009

Thank you, Bruce, Boris and Anani. Thanks too, Anani, for the information about recurring payments. I’ll check out how that works.

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