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Redoubt update, 25 February 2009 25 February 2009

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Redoubt from South Anchorage at sunset, 23 February 2009 (image courtesy AVO/USGS).

Nothing has changed lately at Mount Redoubt, reports the Alaska Volcano Observatory: low-level tremor with ‘occasional discrete earthquakes’ is the current summary, and recent updates all say much the same thing, with some intermittent seismic upswings to vary things a little.

Don’t let the apparently unchanging situation (or the placid image above) fool you, however. Redoubt continues to rumble and an eruption remains a very real possibility. The team at the Alaska Volcano Observatory aren’t maintaining heightened alert at Redoubt for nothing. This is what volcano monitoring means: watching, waiting, reading the signals and giving warnings in good time, because these things are destructive and dangerous. The point needs spelling out, as the value of the activity seems to have escaped certain U.S. politicians.

Image: Redoubt from South Anchorage at sunset, 23 February 2009 (photographer Cyrus Read, image courtesy AVO/USGS). [source]

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