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Llaima update, 19 February 2009 21 February 2009

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SERNAGEOMIN released an update on activity at Llaima on 19 February, which could easily have been missed amid all the excitement over Chaitén. It’s important that Llaima is effectively monitored, however, as it is a highly active volcano. At the moment, things are quiet at Llaima:

19.02.2009 SERNAGEOMIN bulletin on Llaima volcano

The seismic activity recorded at Llaima volcano, between 10 and 16 February, is characterized by weak background tremor and occasional LP-type earthquakes, both of low energy, with are associated with the emission of water vapour in the principal crater. It is considered that the seismicity and energy released remains stable and that the principal crater of the volcano is permanently obstructed.

Visual monitoring

The observations carried out show that the activity in the principal crater of the volcano is limited to a weak emission of water vapour.

Seismic activity

The seismic activity recorded remains similar to that reported in the previous bulletin. It is characterized by a weak tremor with very low frequency (1 Hz) and the presence of sporadic LP-type earthquakes with low frequency (1.2 Hz) and low energy. The enerngy associated with the seismic activity recorded, during the period of this bulletin, remains at an average of 20 RSAM units.

Moreover, on 11 February at 14:41 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 1.6 was registered, with an epicentre 7km north-east of Melipeuco, which corresponded to a tectonic earthquake, SERNAGEOMIN maintains Volcanic Alert Level Green 2 and continues permanent monitoring of the seismic and visual activity of the volcano.

[End of SERNAGEOMIN bulletin.]

The weak fumarolic activity from inside Llaima’s principal crater originates from the two nested pyroclastic cones that have developed within the crater. You can see a picture of the cones, complete with weak fumaroles, in the picture from POVI that we published here on 13 February.

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