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Chaitén webcam images 20 February 2009

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The DGAC webcams at Chaitén airfield are well known to Chaitén volcano watchers, but there is another webcam at Chaitén operated by Chilean television station Tele13. A direct link is here, and a link enabling the webcam feed to open in your default media player is here (thanks to Hawkeye for the latter).

This camera allows you to watch events in Chaitén live. It is under the control of an operator, and zooms in and out from time to time. It is currently showing the dome steaming, and there have been a number of small explosions and debris flows in the last couple of hours. The following four screen captures were taken between 20:30 and 20:50 local time this evening.

Chaiten webcam image 19 Feb 2009
Above: Close-up of the dome. The towering spine referred to in the SERNAGEOMIN bulletin of 11 February 2009 is clearly still in place – there it is, looming up at the back.

Chaiten webcam image 19 Feb 2009
Above: A slightly wider view of the dome area, with steam and gas emissions from the dome complex and a reddish haze in front, left by the debris flows that have rolled through the valley running south from the caldera.

Chaiten webcam image 19 Feb 2009
Above: Chaitén town in shadow.

Chaiten webcam image 19 Feb 2009
Above: Chaitén town in the evening sunlight.

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1. Vicki Lansen - 20 February 2009

The Tele13 feed was incredible after sunset, much easier to see the actual lava bursts and fire of Chaiten Volcano. Unfortunately, the feed appears to be broken. I hope it’s back up and running tomorrow. The stars are out tonight, and all is quiet and calm in Futa.

2. volcanism - 20 February 2009

Last night there was certainly a lot of incandescence visible around the large pinnacle and across the top of the dome, but unfortunately technical reasons prevented me from capturing any images.

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