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Galeras update, 17 February 2009 17 February 2009

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INGEOMINAS have lowered the alert level for Galeras from Red (I) to Orange (II), ‘eruption probable within days or weeks’.

The latest bulletin from the Pasto observatory, issued at 12:40 local time (19:40 GMT) on 16 February, reports that seismic activity has remained at low levels since the eruption of 14 February, but that ‘in the last few hours there has been a slight increase in events related to fluid dynamics at surface levels’, and that from the evening of 15 February onwards episodes of volcanic tremor have been occurring, ‘associated with the processes of the emission of gases’. These episodes appeared to be becoming more marked during the morning of 16 February. The report also notes that sulphur dioxide emissions remain low, at around 200 tonnes per day, according to measurements made on 16 February.

For the first time since the eruption the weather conditions improved yesterday, allowing a clear view of the volcano’s summit. A column of steam was visible rising to about 300m above the summit, with a plume extending south-east for about 8km. INGEOMINAS puts this down to interaction between ‘magmatic material at the surface and the rain of recent days’.

A couple of videos at YouTube that are worth looking at: a local news report (3:06) and a very brief and murky film of ashfall in Pasto during the eruption (0:21).

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