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Llaima – a picture from the summit 13 February 2009

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Chile’s Llaima volcano is going through a quiet interlude at the moment, having exhibited no significant activity since early January this year. Llaima is nonetheless a highly active volcano and is monitored both by the Chilean state geological service SERNAGEOMIN and by the tireless volcano-watchers at POVI (Proyecto Observación Visual Volcán Llaima). From Werner Keller of POVI comes the following photograph taken at Llaima’s summit on 6 February 2009.

Llaima summit 6 February 2009 (Marco Millar).
The picture was taken from the north, looking across Llaima’s summit crater towards the south. Left of the summit Sollipulli volcano, a glacier-filled caldera, can be seen, while on the extreme right the peak of Lanín, a 3737m stratovolcano, is visible on the skyline. This is the whole image, reduced to fit this page. The pictures below are progressive close-ups of part of this image.

Llaima summit 6 February 2009 (Marco Millar).
The summit crater of Llaima is approximately 350m across. Within the crater is a pyroclastic cone containing within it two superficially independent magma conduits. They can be seen on the left and right of the close-up above. Some weak fumarolic activity is visible within the vent to the left.

Llaima summit 6 February 2009 (Marco Millar).
The image above zooms in on the left-hand vent. Two figures are standing to the left of the cone: they are barely visible even in this close-up, but the small yellow vertical bar shows the approximate height of those figures, to give a sense of scale.

The photograph was taken by Mr Marco Millar and is exclusive to The Volcanism Blog. Our thanks to Werner Keller for making this image available to this blog.

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