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Alaska Volcano Observatory Redoubt update, 13 February 2009 13 February 2009

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The Alaska Volcano Observatory have issued a detailed information statement today which gives the fullest picture yet of what the AVO’s experts think is going on at Mount Redoubt. Click here for a direct link to the full text of the statement.

The statement says that the AVO ‘continues to expect that the most likely outcome of current Redoubt activity is an eruption, similar or smaller in scale to the 1989-1990 eruption’, and makes the point that ‘as long as substantial volcanic-gas emission, prolonged periods of tremor, and intermittent discrete, shallow earthquakes occur, notable escalation of activity immediately prior to an eruption might only be on the order of hours or less’. Analysis of monitoring data leads the AVO to conclude that ‘the current episode of unrest results from the intrusion of new magma beneath the volcano’, and that the magma is at depths greater than 5km beneath the volcano. There is, the statement says, ‘no evidence to suggest that a large volume of magma is present at shallow depths’ of within 2km of the surface.

As for current activity at the volcano, there has been no eruption and nothing significant has changed. The most recent bulletin (2009-02-13 13:31:51) summarizes the situation as ongoing elevated seismicity, volcanic tremor and small earthquakes. It is a story that has grown familiar over the last three weeks, but as today’s AVO statement makes clear, familiarity should not breed contempt. Redoubt is active and eruption remains the most likely outcome of the current activity.

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1. jada - 17 March 2009

how do you know when its here but i hope the alaskans will be 0k when it erupts

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