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SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 4 February 2009 – 10 February 2009 12 February 2009

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SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 4 February 2009 - 10 February 2009

The Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report covering 4 February 2009 to 10 February 2009 is now available on the Global Volcanism Program website. The following is a summary and not a substitute for the full report.

New activity: Asama (Japan), Redoubt (Alaska, USA), Sakura-jima (Japan).
Ongong activity: Barren Island (Andaman Islands), Chaitén (Chile), Colima (Mexico), Dukono (Halmahera, Indonesia), Fuego (Guatemala), Karymsky (Kamchatka, Russia), Kilauea (Hawaii, USA), Popocatépetl (Mexico), Rabaul (Papua New Guinea), Sangay (Ecuador), Santa María (Guatemala), Shiveluch (Kamchatka, Russia), Soufrière Hills (Montserrat), Tungurahua (Ecuador).


Asama (Japan): 9-10 Feb 2009, eruption produced ash plumes to 3-4km a.s.l., ashfall to NE on 9 Feb 09.

Redoubt (Alaska, USA): 4-10 Feb 09, seismic activity fluctuating but well above background levels; 7 Feb 09, steaming reported from area of 1989-90 lava dome and meltwater discharge; 7-9 Feb 09, webcam showed small steam plumes.

Sakura-jima (Japan): 1-2 Feb 09, eight explosive eruptions; 4-5 Feb 09, explosions and eruptions produced plumes to 2.1-2.4km a.s.l., drifted SE; 9 Feb 09, ash plume reported to 2.4km, drifted SE.


Barren Island (Andaman Islands): 5 Feb 09, ash plume to 3km a.s.l., drifted SSE.

Chaitén (Chile): 4, 6 and 7 Feb 09, ash plumes to 2-3km, drifted N, NE and SE.

Colima (Mexico): 3-10 Feb 09, white and grey plumes rose to 3.9-4.9km a.s.l.; 4 and 6 Feb 09, incandescent material ejected 50m above summit.

Dukono (Halmahera, Indonesia): 9-10 Feb 09, ash plumes to 3km a.s.l, drifted E and SE.

Fuego (Guatemala): 6, 8 and 10 Feb 09, multiple explosions produced ash plumes to 4.1-5.4km a.s.l. and drifted S and W, constant block avalanches descended flanks.

Karymsky (Kamchatka, Russia): 1-4 Feb 09, seismic activity above background levels and at background levels on other days during 30 Jan 09 to 6 Feb 09; 30 Jan 09, weak thermal anomaly in the crater detected.

Kilauea (Hawaii, USA): 4 Feb 09 – 10 Feb 09, lava flowed through tubes SE to the ocean; 7 and 8 Feb 09, explosions observed at ocean entry; thermal anomalies suggesting surface flows observed.

Popocatépetl (Mexico): 4-10 Feb 09, steam and gas emissions, some with slight ash content, visible; 6 Feb 09, ash plume to 800m above the crater, followed by 75min of increased seismicity.

Rabaul (Papua New Guinea): 9 Feb 09, ash plume from Tavurvur cone to 3km, drifted SE.

Sangay (Ecuador): 9 Feb 09, plume reported to 7.9km a.s.l., no ash reported.

Santa María (Guatemala): 4 Feb 09, multiple ash puffs from Santiaguito lava dome complex drifted W; 6 Feb 09, fumarolic plumes to 80m above crater and drifted S and W, explosions produced plumes to 2.8-3.1km a.s.l., drifted SW, ashfall reported downwind.

Shiveluch (Kamchatka, Russia): 30 Jan 09 to 6 Feb 09, seismic activity above background levels, ash plumes to 5.3km a.s.l., lava flows active on S and N flanks; 30 Jan 09 and 1 Feb 09, weak steam-and-gas activity; 30 Jan 09, 2 Feb 09 and 5 Feb 09, large thermal anomaly noted on the lava dome.

Soufrière Hills (Montserrat): 30 Jan 09 to 6 Feb 09, activity increased slightly, although seismic activity low; three rockfalls detected; 5 Feb 09, pyroclastic flow travelled less than 1km from N side of lava dome.

Tungurahua (Ecuador): 7 and 9-10 Feb 09, steam-and-ash plumes to 0.5-1km above the summit, drifted W and NW; ash plume reported to 8.5km a.s.l., drifted SSE; 4 and 8 Feb 09, ashfall in areas to SW; 6 Feb 09, crater incandescence observed.


The foregoing is a summary of the Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report covering 4 February 2009 to 10 February 2009. It is provided for information only, and is based on but not a substitute for the full report, which comes with its own criteria and disclaimers. The map base is derived from the Smithsonian Institution/USGS/US Naval Research Laboratory This Dynamic Planet website.

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