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No change at Redoubt 12 February 2009

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The story at Mount Redoubt continues to be one of elevated seismicity, fluctuating tremor and intermittent small earthquakes, and no eruption yet. The webcam has been obscured by snow over the last 24 hours so it is not clear whether the steam plume is still present. The Alaska Volcano Observatory continues to keep its constant watch on the volcano, and the latest updates can be found, as ever, on the AVO Redoubt Activity Page.

The NASA Earth Observatory published a wonderful Landsat image of Redoubt as their image of the day yesterday, with an excellent informative caption. Dr Erik Klemetti has further interesting commentary on this image at Eruptions (including more on the potentially hazardous* location of the Drift River Oil Terminal). There’s more great Redoubt information at Geology.com, where Jessica Ball (of Magma Cum Laude) has authored a new article on the volcano giving a very informative overview of its geology, plate tectonic setting, eruptive history and geological hazards.

* ‘Potentially hazardous’ is probably putting it mildly. Dr Klemetti has an excellent earlier post on this: ‘It doesn’t take a team of experts to realize that the placement of the terminal in a flood plain at the base of an active volcano might not be the best location in the Inlet’.

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