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Redoubt update, 10 February 2009 10 February 2009

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Redoubt 9 February 2009, 1208 (AVO Redoubt Hut webcam)

There has been no eruption at Mount Redoubt. The volcano continues to steam and shake, with an interesting variety of seismic behaviour including volcanic tremor of varying amplitude and intensity and a pattern of short, distinct earthquakes (around 1-5 per hour) perhaps associated with the breaking of rocks as magma moves through the volcano’s internal system. The RSO webicorder trace below shows all these patterns. The steam plume was clearly visible at the summit yesterday: see the Hut webcam image above, captured at 1208 on 9 February.

RSO Webicorder trace 9-10 February 2009 (Alaska Volcano Observatory)

At the time of writing, the latest statement from the Alaska Volcano Observatory reads as follows:

2009-02-09 21:22:40

Redoubt Volcano has not erupted and continues in a state of unrest. Volcanic tremor and small distinct earthquakes persist.

AVO staff members continue to monitor the volcano 24 hours a day.

[End of AVO statement.]

Earlier AVO reports noted that ‘Volcanic tremor is ongoing with variable amplitudes, and small discrete earthquakes are occurring at a rate of one to several events per hour. Clear webcam images today show a steam plume rising up to several hundred feet above the crater’ (2009-02-09 15:25).

A recent report from Associated Press contains information that has not made it into the regular AVO bulletins. AVO volcanologist Dave Schneider is quoted as attributing the greater visibility of the plume yesterday to winds and humidity (the implication being that it is not itself a sign of increased activity), and his seismologist colleague Stephanie Prejean reports that the ongoing earthquakes have moved to a higher frequency, which could be associated with the breaking of rocks, and that an increased emission of gases may indicate the presence of new magma.

Mount Redoubt is a very restless volcano. The watching and waiting goes on.

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