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Rumbles at Redoubt 5 February 2009

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The news at Redoubt today is much the same as on preceding days: elevated, mostly stable seismicity, no eruption. For a while it seemed as if the volcano’s activity was declining slightly. There has just been a burst of more intense seismic activity, however, as the Alaska Volcano Observatory notes in its most recent report:

2009-02-05 12:26:13

Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues. Seismic activity remains elevated well above background levels. Starting at 11:18 AKST (20:18 UTC), a burst of more intense seismic tremor occurred. This episode lasted for about 4 minutes and was the most most energetic since January 30. Radar and pilot observations confirm our analysis that no eruption occurred. Web camera and satellite images from this morning have been obscured by clouds.

[End of AVO statement.]

An interesting article in Popular Mechanics today looks at Redoubt in the context of the air-safety aspect of volcanic eruptions. Redoubt has a particular notoriety in the history of modern aviation safety, for the volcano’s eruption cloud nearly brought down a KLM Boeing 747 that was unlucky enough to fly into it in December 1989. The dense cloud of ash caused all four engines to stall, but after an alarming unpowered descent the crew were able to regain power and land their aircraft safely at Anchorage. This incident, and others like it, led to the establishment of the present system of Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres that monitor volcanic eruptions across the world and issue warnings when eruption clouds are likely to interfere with air transport routes. The Alaska Volcano Observatory and the Anchorage VAAC are key parts of that system, keeping watch over the very busy air corridors across the North Pacific.

On the ground, meanwhile, the activity at Mount Redoubt has given local science teachers an opportunity to show their students some science in action, reports the Peninsula Clarion.

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