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The Volcanism Blog on Regator 4 February 2009

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This is a bit slow of me, but I’ve only just become aware that The Volcanism Blog is included in Regator, a superior hand-crafted blog aggregator. It’s one of the twenty blogs that make up the ‘geology’ channel, including such first-rate places as Magma Cum Laude, NOVA Geoblog, Eruptions, Highly Allocthonous and Olelog, and was added on 11 December 2008. The Volcanism Blog’s Regator profile is here.

To be included in Regator a blog has to be regularly updated, on-topic, well written (‘good grammar is good for you’ – three cheers to Regator for that), have an RSS feed, have original content, not be spammy, and be ‘awesome’ (their word). Well, I take it very kindly that this blog has not been found wanting in these respects, and furthermore is believed to be awesome. Thanks.

Find out what Regator is all about here.

The Volcanism Blog



1. Silver Fox - 4 February 2009

You are just getting noticed all over the place, and that’s great! You deserve it! You keep us all well-informed of happenings in the volcano world.

2. Ole - 4 February 2009

Awesome describes your blog quite well, I find. Thank you for sharing all that information on volcanoes.

3. volcanism - 5 February 2009

As awesome bloggers yourselves, I appreciate your comments – thanks very much!

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