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Nevado del Huila evacuations get under way 27 January 2009

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Belalcazar, Paez, Colombia, May 2008.
Above: Belalcázar, May 2008. (Source: Sitio oficial de Paéz en Cauca, Colombia.)

The evacuation plan for the town of Belalcázar near Nevado del Huila volcano (see our post last week) seems to be getting under way, according to this report from CNN today. Around 800 families are being moved out of the town; the report says that emergency officials ‘are asking the 800 families where they want to be moved to’, which is one way of doing it.

I haven’t had time to check what the Colombian press are saying about this yet – will do so later.

Dr Klemetti has further details over at Eruptions, along with an important correction of the CNN report, which he calls ‘almost dangerously erroneous’.

Belalcázar was badly affected during the eruption in November, with lahars destroying bridges and causing serious flooding. The picture at the top of this post was taken in May 2008, while that below was taken on 21 November 2008 and shows the extent of the inundation. Both these pictures come from the Paéz local government website.

Belalcazar, Paez, Colombia, November 2008.
Above: Belalcázar, November 2008. Picture by Giancarlo Cifuentes. (Source: Sitio oficial de Paéz en Cauca, Colombia.)

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