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More quakes at Yellowstone 10 January 2009

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Earthquakes have resumed under Yellowstone after the lull of the past few days. The swarm may be recurring (‘a return of activity may occur as previous Yellowstone swarms of this size have lasted for tens of days to many weeks’ – YVO) or this may be an isolated burst of activity. The quakes appear to be continuing their northward migration. There is no sign of volcanic tremor.

Below are the seismograms from The Promontory and Joseph’s Coat stations for 12:15 UTC onwards (05:00 onwards local time) on 9 January 2009, from the UUSS Webicorder site.

Seismogram 09 Jan 2009 - The Promontory, Yellowstone Park, WY
Above: Seismogram from The Promontory station.

Seismogram 09 Jan 2009 - Joseph's Coat, Yellowstone Park, WY
Above: Seismogram from Joseph’s Coat station.

The large red signal on the left is a magnitude 3.3 quake registered at 18:17 UTC 9 January 2009 at 44.678°N, 110.254°W, with a depth of 3.1 km (+/- 1.2 km uncertainty).

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