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Yellowstone update 4 January 2009

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The seismograms reveal that things are quieter today at Yellowstone: few quakes, no tremor (see below). This earthquake swarm has been notable for its intensity, but there has been nothing about it that suggested magma movement. It’ll be interesting to see what the seismologists have to say about it when they have gathered their data and made their analysis. In the meantime, Yellowstone needs careful monitoring – but then, it always does.

Seismogram 04 Jan 2009 - Lake, Yellowstone Park, WY
Above: seismogram from Lake station, Yellowstone Park, for 4 January 2009. If volcanic catastrophe were imminent you would be able to see the face of God in this image.

Fears over earthquake ‘swarm’ at Yellowstone National ParkThe Times, 4 January 2009
Yellowstone earthquake swarm: latest supervolcano updateUS News & World Report, 4 January 2009

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University of Utah Seismograph Stations – UUSS home page, including Yellowstone updates
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1. Pyre - 5 January 2009

God appears to have a bloodshot right eye.

2. katelyn - 30 March 2009

do u think it will go anytime soon

3. volcanism - 30 March 2009

Katelyn, depends what you mean by ‘soon’.

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